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2016, a promising vintage!

2016 vintage looks qualitative thanks by a very mild summer. "It's the miracle of Burgundy: making a quality wine after such a catastrophic spring," Is it a fine vintage? Yes. What we know is that it will be an expensive vintage after a catastrophic harvest  : -30%. From memory, we never encountered such difficulties during the period of growth of the vine, but the maturation Came close to the perfection that no one dared to hope for. The old adage "June is the quantity, September is quality" has never been so true.

Some plots experienced severe frosts in the spring, followed by hail storms. Unfortunately, they have produced very few grapes. Fortunately, others have offered healthy clusters. More than ever, it was necessary to bring the greatest care to the vine so that it can give quality grapes. On the mature side, the grapes have benefited fully from the summer which has been extended to ripen. The grapes were harvested over a longer period than usual, waiting for each plot to reach optimal maturity before being harvested.

A vintage in the "style de 2009"

The vintage 2016 will be "in the style of 2009", with aromas worn "a lot on the fruit" and acidities "not very strong". There is a nice balance of sugar / acidity on the whole of the vintage entered in tank. Again, we have not chaptalized, and we will obtain fleshy red wines and silky, rich and balanced whites.

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