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Owner - Winegrower

Winegrower - owner

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#1   From the vineyard to the Wine

We cultivate our vineyard in repect of the environment and in integrated-farming.
Health conservation doaes with technical organism. During spring, we check the bud in order to keep the best.
If necessary, we practise the green-harvest,. In september, we make picking by hand and all grapes are selected in order to keep the best grapes which go in a tank or in a wine-pressure

#2   Vinifying of red wines

We totally destalk our grapes.

The juice is clear to start with and requires contact with the skins and pips to bring color and tannins to the wine. During this maceration process, the alcoholic fermentation begins, either naturally or sometimes triggered with the addition of yeasts.

Each day, the cap of skin and pips is broken up and pushed down into the juice to help the development of color and tannins. The process is known as pigeage.
When fermentation is complete (since 12 or 14 days), the wine is pressed and then placed in vats or barrels for ageing.


#3   Vinifying of white wines 

The harvest wich is selected is put in a wine-pressure. After a progressive clamping, musts are cooled and decanted during 48 hours and after are placed into oak barrels. Checking, aeration, chaptalization closed this winemaking process during 8 or 12 weeks

#4   Elevage

Every years we select the best wood. These news oaks build as we want, supplements to the old oaks (30-50%). Matured on the lees for 12 or 18 months (it depend of the AOC)

#5   Embouteillage

White wines are filtered and past cold for tartaric stabilization. Red wines are racked and stored without filtration. The bottles fill does with negatively pressurised, is adjusted with nitrogen and vacum corked. Wine are conserved during 6 or 12 months in the cellar before sales

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